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PODCAST ALERT: Toons to Welcome @TableShow, #TagToons Topic

This Thursday, at 8:30 PM, Jack and Brian will welcome Captain Awesome and T-Mac, the hosts of the popular wrestling podcast, The Spanish Announce Table. We'll discuss the squared circle, podcasting, how social media has changed virtually everything and peanut butter cups.

Plus, this week, Toons reintroduces a fan-favorite of their own: The Caller's Contest.

PODCAST ALERT!! Toons, Jr with @ToonsBrian's Son

In a special episode of Toons, Brian brings his 9 year old son, Patrick, onto the show to talk about whatever he wants to talk about. Spoiler: It will probably end up Minecraft-heavy.

Join us LIVE at 6 PM for Toons, Jr!

Learning Curve: Activate!

Hey, Loonies.

I wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to our LEGIONS of fans - whom we affectionately refer to as Loonies - for the technical difficulties we experienced during our first return episode of Toons. Due to those difficulties, we have removed that particular episode from the site. Even though Jack's "Be A Guest Host" idea (where you would actually be able to fill in his missing dialogue with your own banter) was one of the better ideas we've had in the history of Toons.

Some good did come out of that episode however. Some radio rust was shaken off. Some ideas were shared. And, obviously, we figured out what we CAN'T do when trying to provide you with top-notch podcasting gold.

Next week, we'll give it a go once more.



P.S.: Here is a fun gif for you


Toons with Jack and Brian comes at you LIVE at 8:30 PM. There's still a little time to contribute!

PODCAST ALERT: This Week's Toons Topic

This week, Jack and Brian jump on the interwebical airwaves once more to bring back Toons in all its glory.

And in the spirit of Bringing Toons Back, the guys want to know what you'd like to see brought back. Whether it's that favorite food that can no longer be found anywhere, your favorite childhood tv show or the zombified remains of your favorite 80s hair band legend, we want to hear from you and here's how you can participate: