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Friday, June 13

Podcast ALERT: TTNet on E3 at 11 PM Eastern

9:52 PM 0
Piper the DJ and Mr. Old School joined Brian to talk all about E3. Project Morpheus. Gaming Collections. The benefits of the indy developer scene. Sony going white. Predicting the demise of Nintendo?

Listen by using the player on the right of this page. OR sign in and chat it up at www.mixlr.com/toons.

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Wednesday, June 11

E3: What's Your Take?

7:22 PM 0
E3 marks one of the biggest weeks of the year in the gamer and developer community. This year was no exception as The Big Two worked hard to shore up their share of the gaming market. Even nintendo made a decent splash.

Here's a breakdown of all that we saw from the three major consol manufacturers and some of the developers:
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Tuesday, June 3

Calling All Loonies

8:25 PM 0
We're relaunching the show in its former glory very soon and we need the help of each and every Loonie out there.

With what, you ask?

Well, if you've been listening to Toons from the very beginning, we want to hear from you. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell us what you're favorite Toons/Morning Toons/ToonSports moment was and we'll include it in our upcoming episode.

Please Note: Requesting that we punish ourselves upon our return, as we did on a certain Cinco de Mayo show, will be a fruitless effort. Well.....for our first episode back, anyway.
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Monday, June 2

Toons is Returning to The Trending Topics Network

9:59 PM 0
Hey, Loonies! Great news!

Not only will Jack and Brian be returning to the podcasting airwaves and their old antics, they will be returning to their roots while doing it.

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