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Longest Cliffhanger Ever

Welcome to the Weekend!

After a brief hiatus, Toons will be returning to the airwaves for your listening pleasure.

For now, the plan is to do the show periodically, as we have time. But let's face it, between kids, work, and unrelenting baseball and softball coaches, it's hard to make the time to do this thing on a regular basis. We may even mix in some prerecorded stuff to include our friends across the pond.

You'll be able to find us on How easy is that? I'd say about as easy as foiling Gargamel's evil plans. As easy as thwarting Skeletor's blueprints for domination of the universe. Certainly as easy as becoming GizmoDuck and saving the day.

So, if you want to be on the show, have a topic FOR the show or just want to hit us up to stroke our magnificent egos, follow @ToonsJack and @ToonsBrian on twitter and let us know.