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Thursday, December 18

Mark Out: WWE All-Stars "Celebrity" Grudge Matches

11:40 AM 0

 As I was perusing the web during some of my time off, I came across some YouTube videos that very well may have changed my mind about THQ's WWE All-Stars.

My 9 year old son bought All-Stars using his birthday money last spring and it took me about a half hour to realize that this was not the game for me. Shortly after that, Patrick followed suit and the game has since done little more than take up space on the shelf.

However, one of the guys at Mahalo.com decided to hit up the game's Create A Superstar mode to liven the game up a bit and, in doing so, sold me on the possibilities.
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Tuesday, December 16

Day One Patches: The Game Time Question of the Week

11:38 PM 0

As online updates have become more and more prevalent, so have Day One patches. Whether the patch is for a specific game or for a system itself, there is a greater chance of having to get an update prior to use than not.
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Celebrating With The Hoff

3:28 PM 0

As many of you may know, today marked the launch of ToonsShow.com's new look. To help celebrate that launch, it seems only appropriate to share with our Loonies the greatest gift the internet could have to offer.

Maybe ever.

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ToonsShow with @ToonsJack and @ToonsBrian Goes DotCom With An All-New Look

1:19 PM 0

 The "big" news is pretty simple, actually.

ToonsShow.blogspot.com is now simply ToonsShow.com. Forget what you forced yourself to learn before because it's now that easy.

As you can see, the site's appearance has changed as well.
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Friday, December 5

Canada Appreciation Month: Wolverine

7:52 PM 0

Wolverine is Canadian. That is all.

Actually, that's not all. This guy has probably saved your ass as much as any other character in the comic book multiverse without so much as a thank you.
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Toons Game Time Question of the Week

10:30 AM 0

This week marks the debut of Toons Game Time. On Game Time, Brian will discuss the latest gaming news and notes as well as look at upcoming releases.

This show will not be a kids show as The Waka Waka Gaming podcast is. No, this one will be geared towards a more mature.....well.....older audience.

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Thursday, December 4

Canada Appreciation Month: Canadian Bacon

6:48 PM 0

Toons' venture into increasing the world's appreciation of Canada continues throughout the month of December. 

If you're like us here at Toons, one of childhood's - and perhaps adulthood's - greater joys took the form of a McDonald's Egg McMuffin sandwich. The egg is fine. English muffins are awesome. And a slice of American cheese? Who could argue against putting that piece of fully processed diary bi-product goodness in your mouth at 7 AM? Nobody I know, that's for damn sure.

But one ingredient put this iconic mass-produced sandwich on the next level. And that would be...
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Wednesday, December 3

Canada Appreciation Month: Lorne Michaels

5:04 PM 0
Every day throughout December, Toons is taking the time to show some appreciation for our neighbors to the north for all that they have to offer. 

Today, Toons would like to recognize a Canadian who has indirectly touched the lives of nearly every American over the age of 12 in one way or another. A Canadian who has equally influenced several generations of comedians and comediennes. Today, Toons recognizes....
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Tuesday, December 2

Canada Appreciation Month: Loonies

6:39 PM 0
All throughout December, Toons is celebrating Canada Appreciation Month. Each day, we will share with you something that Canada has that is absolutely worthy of our appreciation.

Every nation - excepting those members of the European Union and a few others - has its own currency. In Canada, they have one very specific coin that we here at Toons could never ignore.
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Monday, December 1

Canadian Appreciation Month: O Canada

5:41 PM 0

All this month, Toons is celebrating Canada Appreciation Month! Each day of December, Jack and Brian will present to you one little factoid, one celebrity or one thing that our little brother to the north is responsible for. 

We, at Toons, are hockey fans so it is fitting that the first entry into our Canada Appreciation Month list is something that just screams "hockey" as soon as it comes to mind.

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Thursday, November 27

Toons Goes Mobile: Black Friday Deals To Look For

12:30 AM 0

This week on Toons, Jack and Brian talk about what's going on in Jack's hometown of St. Louis and discuss the Thanksgiving holiday.

Then, we share Jack's conversation with Piper the DJ, host of the Trending Topics Network's feature show, Trending Mobile Technology. Piper tells Jack - and the Loonies, in turn - what deals they can expect to see on Black Friday that will make their mobile technology world a little...or a LOT...better.

Welcome to the weekend! You're listening to Toons.

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Monday, November 17

Podcast: Toons Welcomes @TableShow

9:20 PM 0
This week on Toons....

Well, okay. It was last week.

Either way, this week on Toons, Jack and Brian talked to Captain Awesome and T-Mac of The Spanish Announce Table, a podcast about PROfessional wrestling. Not much wrestling was discussed due to some technical issues that really limited the conversation but the glaring lack of great Thanksgiving music certainly was.

Also, Toons received an exclusive clip from a future WWE Smackdown that proves a T-Mac prediction from Episode 68 of The Spanish Announce Table is, indeed, inevitable.

Welcome to the Weekend.

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Wednesday, November 5

Eat My Goal Episode 66

4:34 PM 0
Another week brings another round up from your 3 favourite pundits.On this show we review all the premier league action from the weekend dated the 1st and 2nd November. Main talking points include the Manchester derby, Oscar scoring a stunning goal for Chelsea but did he get out classed by Southhampton's Wanyama? and Sanchez puts in another world class performance for Arsenal.  We also check out the trailer for the new Fifa movie United Passions.
Episode Download Link:
Podcast Feed: Eat My Goal:
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Monday, November 3

Recap: Toons Tech

2:08 PM 0
This week on Toons: Toons Tech, Jack and Brian discussed some of the technological "advances" that don't seem so advanced today. Most important, though, were their thoughts on the recent departure of Saturday cartoons from network television after 50 years of being a faithful presence in youth's lives.

Here are the the intros to Jack and Brian's respective top three cartoons (in a randomized order). Tell us below what yours were.

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Sunday, November 2

PODCAST: Toons Tech And Our Favorite Cartoons....Eulogized

10:25 AM 0
This week on Toons, Jack and Brian discussed technology from the past 30 years or so. And how silly some of that technology seems today. And how silly it seemed then.

Satellite dishes. AOL Dial-up. Calculator watches. The Sega Saturn.

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Monday, October 20

VIDEO: Hey, NES! How are YOU doing?

9:34 AM 1
Happy Monday!

I came across this while working on a project for PensInitiative.com and thought I would share its awesomeness with my fellow Loonies.

What were your favorite NES games? Hit us up in the comment section.

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Friday, October 17

Sex on the Beach Sucks, Proud Parents and Other Breaking News

9:25 PM 0
Each week, Toons will compile - at no extra charge - some of the more important news of the week. Okay, so maybe these news aren't directly important to anybody but the people involved in the stories. But laughter is important. And that's good enough for us.

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A Toons PSA: "Bola" Fact Sheets

12:21 PM 0
Here at Toons, we strive to keep our loyal Loonies up to date and current with all available information. With that simple premise in mind, here is a collection of facts concerning the latest media scare: Bola. After all, not all "Bola"s will kill you. Just most of them will.
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Saturday, September 27

Breaking Toons: Podcast and Topic-Related Poll

5:14 PM 0
This week on Toons, Jack and Brian discuss a few current news items. Plus, the second installment of Jack's Riddle.

Listen here and take our listener poll.

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Wednesday, September 24

PODCAST: Toons 8000

8:58 PM 0
This week on Toons, Jack and Brian addressed the disappointment that the NFL and its players have been causing as of late. Instead of just talking about it, they decided to offer listeners an alternative to the popular sport.

Well.....several alternatives, really.

Welcome to the Weekend...sort of...You're listening to Toons on the Trending Topics Network.
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PODCAST: Eat My Goal (Episode 63)

2:46 AM 0
The lads are back in full force this week as Scott joins Mart & Guru to breakdown all the weekends Premier League action, reaction and headlines for the weekend dated the 20th & 21st of September 20014.

Main talking points this week include Mancester United giving up a 2 goal lead over newly promoted Leicester City, Ozil scoring his first away goal for Arsenal & Tom Cleverly's poorly judged twitter Q&A session. All this with the usual high jinks & banter so download or walk the plank?
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Sunday, September 14

Waka Waka Gaming Podcast: Rayman (PSOne)

10:59 AM 0

This week on The Waka Waka Gaming podcast, Patrick and Brian discussed a number of things. What is a retro game? How cellphone games and V-Tech systems are similar to platforms from the past. And, of course, the Waka Waka Game of the Week, Rayman.

The discussion also included and explanation as to why their new dedicated website - and the podcast - is and will always be kid-friendly. Be sure to visit WakaWakaGaming today!

Here's the show!

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Tuesday, September 9


8:31 PM 0
Everybody has a fear. Something that makes them pee their pants. Or pee others' pants.

Jack and Brian make fun of those people this week on Toons: Toonsophobia.

Plus, Brian acknowledges that he never knows how to close out the show. So the guys will give our Loonies the chance to submit their very own goodbye phrases each and every week!

Don't let them down!
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Eat-my-goal Episode 62

12:11 PM 0
Join Guru and Mart for an International flavoured show. Topics include England versus Switzerland, Sepp Blatter and a new campaign as Guru prepares to run against Blatter for Fifa Presidency #Guru4Fifa. All this along with usual banter and high jinks.
Episode Download Link:
Podcast Feed:
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Monday, September 8

Antonio Brown Kicks Punter with Jim Ross treatment

3:45 PM 0
Antonio Brown front heel kick (Jim Ross version)

As we here at Toons say.. "J.R. makes everything a little more tasty."
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Wednesday, September 3

Tuesday, September 2

Eat-my-goal Episode 61

Wednesday, August 27

Toons Is Convinced: Jim Ross Can Make (Almost) Anything Better

7:59 PM 0

Game of Thrones is one of the more awesome shows on television. And, yes, reading the books makes it even better. Call me pretentious. Call me "that" guy. Either way, it's true.

You know what else is awesome? WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross's match commentary.

Imagine taking the two and mashing them - and as I quickly discovered, nearly ANYTHING - together. That's what some YouTubers did and it's awesome.

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Monday, August 25

Eat My Goal (Aug 25, 2014): Why Newcastle United Won't Win Premier League

3:19 AM 0
This week Mart, Guru & Scott discuss the Malky Mackay saga with Cardiff City, Mario Balotelli's transfer to Liverpool, Cavani linked with Arsenal and 5 reasons why Newcastle United will not win the Premier League.

Duration 50:23
Published 23/08/2014 11:30:00

Episode Download Link (46 MB): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eat-my-goal/2014/08/23/eat-my-goal-episode-60.mp3
Show Notes: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eat-my-goal/2014/08/23/eat-my-goal-episode-60
Podcast Feed: Eat My Goal (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eat-my-goal.rss)
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Saturday, August 23

Toonspiracy, with Jack, Brian and @TheRebelTrucker

Tuesday, August 19

Sunday, August 17

Episode 1 of The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast

5:00 PM 0
On this, the debut episode of The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast, Patrick and Brian talk about the video gaming news of the week:

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Eat My goal

1:29 PM 0
Eat-my-goal makes its triumphant return to Blog Talk Radio. Scott,  Mart and possibly even The Guru will discuss the opening weekend of the English Premier League campaign and maybe throw in some tangent bonus material.
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Saturday, August 16

New Podcast Reveal: The Waka Waka Gaming Podcast

1:43 PM 0
On the latest edition of Toons with Jack and Brian, listeners learned that a new podcast will be joining the Toons Family.

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Thursday, August 14

Toons Returns - Take 3 And Action!

PODCAST ALERT: Toons is on at 8:30 PM

7:40 PM 0
At 8:30 PM, join Jack and Brian for an episode of Toons.

Jack has moved. Brian would rather not.

They'll be talking about Robin Williams and want to know what your favorite Williams role was an why. Comment below or on twitter using the hashtag #iToons. OR you can use our new email, ToonsShow@gmail.com to share your thoughts with a little more depth.

Welcome to the Weekend!
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Wednesday, August 13

Streamlined For Your #iToons Pleasure

10:25 PM 0
Here at Toons, we pride ourselves on making you our Loonies. But not on making you loony in the process. That's why we looked to the Heavens and shouted "HOW CAN WE MAKE OUR LOONIES' LIVES EASIER AND LESS LOONY?!?!?!?!"

And it hit us.

Just make everything more easier to access!


Now you can find us on twitter. On facebook. On the web. On gmail and Google+ by using one simple name: ToonsShow.

We're still Toons. We're still a show. So ToonsShow.

It's genius, really.
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Tuesday, July 22

PODCAST ALERT: Toons to Welcome @TableShow, #TagToons Topic

8:44 PM 0
This Thursday, at 8:30 PM, Jack and Brian will welcome Captain Awesome and T-Mac, the hosts of the popular wrestling podcast, The Spanish Announce Table. We'll discuss the squared circle, podcasting, how social media has changed virtually everything and peanut butter cups.

Plus, this week, Toons reintroduces a fan-favorite of their own: The Caller's Contest.

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Monday, July 21


8:19 PM 0
On a very special edition of Toons, Brian was joined by his son to discuss school, waking up early and, of course, video games.

Listen here now and subscribe to The Trending Topics Network on iTunes to hear all the great TTNet shows!

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PODCAST ALERT!! Toons, Jr with @ToonsBrian's Son

4:29 PM 0
In a special episode of Toons, Brian brings his 9 year old son, Patrick, onto the show to talk about whatever he wants to talk about. Spoiler: It will probably end up Minecraft-heavy.

Join us LIVE at 6 PM for Toons, Jr!

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Friday, July 18

Learning Curve: Activate!

8:35 AM 0
Hey, Loonies.

I wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to our LEGIONS of fans - whom we affectionately refer to as Loonies - for the technical difficulties we experienced during our first return episode of Toons. Due to those difficulties, we have removed that particular episode from the site. Even though Jack's "Be A Guest Host" idea (where you would actually be able to fill in his missing dialogue with your own banter) was one of the better ideas we've had in the history of Toons.

Some good did come out of that episode however. Some radio rust was shaken off. Some ideas were shared. And, obviously, we figured out what we CAN'T do when trying to provide you with top-notch podcasting gold.

Next week, we'll give it a go once more.



P.S.: Here is a fun gif for you

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Thursday, July 17


8:13 PM 0
Toons with Jack and Brian comes at you LIVE at 8:30 PM. There's still a little time to contribute!

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Monday, July 14

PODCAST ALERT: This Week's Toons Topic

5:53 PM 4
This week, Jack and Brian jump on the interwebical airwaves once more to bring back Toons in all its glory.

And in the spirit of Bringing Toons Back, the guys want to know what you'd like to see brought back. Whether it's that favorite food that can no longer be found anywhere, your favorite childhood tv show or the zombified remains of your favorite 80s hair band legend, we want to hear from you and here's how you can participate:

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Friday, June 13

Podcast ALERT: TTNet on E3 at 11 PM Eastern

9:52 PM 0
Piper the DJ and Mr. Old School joined Brian to talk all about E3. Project Morpheus. Gaming Collections. The benefits of the indy developer scene. Sony going white. Predicting the demise of Nintendo?

Listen by using the player on the right of this page. OR sign in and chat it up at www.mixlr.com/toons.

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Wednesday, June 11

E3: What's Your Take?

7:22 PM 0
E3 marks one of the biggest weeks of the year in the gamer and developer community. This year was no exception as The Big Two worked hard to shore up their share of the gaming market. Even nintendo made a decent splash.

Here's a breakdown of all that we saw from the three major consol manufacturers and some of the developers:
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Tuesday, June 3

Calling All Loonies

8:25 PM 0
We're relaunching the show in its former glory very soon and we need the help of each and every Loonie out there.

With what, you ask?

Well, if you've been listening to Toons from the very beginning, we want to hear from you. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell us what you're favorite Toons/Morning Toons/ToonSports moment was and we'll include it in our upcoming episode.

Please Note: Requesting that we punish ourselves upon our return, as we did on a certain Cinco de Mayo show, will be a fruitless effort. Well.....for our first episode back, anyway.
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Monday, June 2

Toons is Returning to The Trending Topics Network

9:59 PM 0
Hey, Loonies! Great news!

Not only will Jack and Brian be returning to the podcasting airwaves and their old antics, they will be returning to their roots while doing it.

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Sunday, May 25

Longest Cliffhanger Ever

12:47 PM 1
Welcome to the Weekend!

After a brief hiatus, Toons will be returning to the airwaves for your listening pleasure.

For now, the plan is to do the show periodically, as we have time. But let's face it, between kids, work, and unrelenting baseball and softball coaches, it's hard to make the time to do this thing on a regular basis. We may even mix in some prerecorded stuff to include our friends across the pond.

You'll be able to find us on Mixlr.com/toons/. How easy is that? I'd say about as easy as foiling Gargamel's evil plans. As easy as thwarting Skeletor's blueprints for domination of the universe. Certainly as easy as becoming GizmoDuck and saving the day.

So, if you want to be on the show, have a topic FOR the show or just want to hit us up to stroke our magnificent egos, follow @ToonsJack and @ToonsBrian on twitter and let us know.
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